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Your Introduction to Digital Marketing

Successful businesses have always relied on marketing, and with more platforms available than ever before, digital marketing is something your company can't ignore.


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What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital = electronic technology.
Marketing = marketing.

And that concludes our intensive digital marketing course. 

No, but seriously, digital marketing is when you promote your business using digital channels like social media, search engines, and even emails. 

Billboards, newspapers, and the Yellow Pages were once the go-tos for marketers. 

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Social media are today's newspapers, with a staggering 4.7 billion users all waiting to see what your business has to offer them. 

Search engines are just a much faster version of the Yellow Pages, with Google processing 8.5 billion searches every single day. 

And billboards... Well, billboards are still here, but they are now using digital technology to broadcast your business to the masses. 

Benefits of Digital Marketing 

Still not convinced? Well, here are five ways that your business can benefit from a properly utilised digital marketing strategy. 

1. Reach New Customers

Did you know that there are 5.16 billion global internet users? That's 5.16 billion people you have the potential to reach if you advertise online. 

If you're a local plumber, internet users in Bolivia probably won't be of much use to you, but with local digital marketing strategies, you will be able to reach more people a bit closer to home.

2. Boost Your Profits 

Emails may not be the coolest digital platform, but their average return on investment is 3,900%, which is pretty cool. 

With digital marketing, you can be as precise as you like with your targeting, with some platforms allowing you to target specific locations, ages, genders, and even job titles. 

This way, you can get your business in front of those who are most likely to take action. 

3. Flexible to Your Needs

Your business is unique, which means your digital marketing strategy should be as well.

Social media ads may work for one business, but search engine marketing may be best for you. That's the beauty of digital marketing-you can easily make it work for you. 

4. Build Customer Trust

Banner ads, in particular, are great for this because they let you advertise on popular websites. 

It will greatly increase your credibility in their eyes if they see you on one of these sites, even more so if it's related to your line of work. 

With consistent blog posts as part of your content marketing strategy, you could soon become an authority in your particular industry, giving you an edge over your competitors. 

5. Trackable Results 

There are an array of tools at your disposal to effectively track the performance of your ads with pinpoint precision. 

Traffic, why customers are leaving your site with an empty basket, and behavioural heatmaps can all be tracked through different technologies and used to improve your overall strategy. 




Get Digital Marketing for Your Business

There are about 7,200 digital marketing agencies in the UK, so if you start researching them now, you might be able to begin marketing your business in about 9 months' time. 

Or you could just leave it all up to us, and we can provide you with a range of digital marketing quotes tailored specifically to your business needs, and best of all, they're 100% free. 

All you have to do is tap the button below, answer a few questions about your business, and get comparing now! 

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FAQs: Your Digital Marketing Questions Answered

This will all depend on what you want to get out of it. 

A small, localised Facebook marketing campaign is going to cost less than a huge international project that spans multiple platforms. 

It will cost you, on average, between £662 and £1,262 per month. This might appear pricey at first, but with the help of a good agency, you'll quickly get your money back and some.

Social Media Marketing 

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok collectively have billions of users and are perfect platforms to advertise on.

LinkedIn in particular can be great if you run a B2B business, as you can specifically target key decision-makers. 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 

This can be split into two types. 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

These are the links indicated by a "sponsored" title and appear at the top of the page when you conduct a search. As the name suggests, you pay every time someone clicks on your ad.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

Without going into too much detail, this determines where your site ranks organically on search engines. The higher you are, the more likely you'll get those valuable clicks.


You know what an email is, but did you know that email marketing has an average return of 3,900%? - Need we say any more? 

Banner Ads 

You'll most likely see these on local news websites. Huge, sometimes animated banners that surround the story about why your council still hasn't fixed the potholes even though they keep saying they will. 

Native Ads 

"This man only ate chocolate spread for a year - You won't believe what happened next!" 

Although native platforms like Taboola are frequently associated with tacky clickbait headlines like that one, they can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. 

Influencer Ads 

Fairly new to the scene, this involves hiring an influencer to promote your business to their huge following. 

This may seem a little ridiculous at first, especially if you don't know who they are, but you only need to consider the absurd hype around the sports drink "Prime" to realise just how powerful these influencers are when it comes to marketing. 

Some of the best digital marketing tools out there include 

-Google Analytics 
-Search Console
-Google Ads 
-SEM Rush

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